Testing the gate.

huh, worked yesterday in front field.. met those two nice girls who chased me around to the back of the neighbors, and the friendly guy across the road who opened the gate up to let me back in the paddock. Missed my homies.

Lamb snuggles!

As I said, it’s usually the lamb using Winnie as a pillow!

This little bottle lamb isn’t ready to go outside just yet, so she uses our old dog Winnie as a warm, comforting presence. The lamb is pretty small for her age–about six weeks–so she doesn’t have enough body heat to take the cold night temps just yet. But it is May, so warmer times are coming!

She will spend sunny days outside with our Shetland Gang lambs for a while. We hope she makes some new friends to take the place of her inside dog friends.

Lamb and dog snuggling
Lambda and Winnie