Welcome! “Why Did you get sheep?” you might ask. Its difficult (read Impossible) to train stock dogs (border collies bred for herding). Without them! That’s it in a nutshell. From there we’re learning to love raising sheep and all that involves! But never without our dogs Ari,Soot,Dash, couldn’t even imagine it.


When my wife bought me Soot, we had to get sheep. He is an etrick kennel Stock dog, bred by Kathy Knox. He HAS to herd, his instinct is so strong, and he’s exceptional at it!


When we got our first five lambs, we kept them in our 50 foot by 50 foot fenced in chicken aviary, using an empty chicken coop for shelter.
we could use our dogs to bring them into our fenced in back yard (50×50) and practice herding.

We have since cleared and fenced a half-acre, built a “sheep shed”, and are continuing with a second fenced field as our flock grows. (4 lambs this spring!)


Cuban pecadillo

https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/220164/classic-cuban-style-picadillo/ Super delicious recipe with ground lamb! You spend a decent amount of time in prep, but it’s worth it. Of note, we did not find Goya Sazon, which contributes significantly to the unique flavor profile of the dish, so we created s substitute based on what we found online:( note : we subbed annatto/achiote …


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