Pumpkin Lamb Stir fry


I almost passed this one by! Then i noticed the original recipe is from none other than Madhur Jaffry. I believe I have done more of her recipes than anyones, so definitely worth a try! The recipe is vegetarian of course, but we decided to add lamb sausage, and it was excellent! As any cook does, there were substitutions to be done: adding lamb, using some red dahl (and increasing to 1/2 cup), switching from hot red peppers to mild but tasty passilla peppers, maybe a tad more cumin. We doubled the recipe and 1 lb of lamb of sausage was the right proportion. Served with rice. Awesome

Lamb sausage Kolaches.

Apparently a texan savory pastory, derived from a modified Czech/Slovak sweet pastry. developed by Czech immigrants to Texas . We altered it further by replacing pork sausage with Lamb Sausage (which we carry at the Bethel Lane Farm Stop!) awesome. It was my special request for today, fathers day. Awesome(did I already say that)?


Butternut squash polenta with lamb sausage and onion.

Another example where we replace one meat (italian sausage) with lamb(lamb sausage). It is a simple recipe with few ingredients, incredibly savory, filling! Given that fennel and rosemary are what creates the savory flavor, you could also use ground lamb instead of sausage. As always if the link to the recipe causes an issue, google “butternut squash polenta with sausage and onion” and you will find this Melissa Clark recipe on other websites.