Korean Style Ground Lamb soup.

This is a good example of us taking a rececipe and substituting lamb for the meat indicated. We do this alot. In this case, the recipe calls for ground pork. In addition we used a standard semolina pasta (orichette) instead of ramen, which worked admirably! We LOVE this soup!

Lamb substituted for pork.

Spicy Lamb Pastries (Samosas)

Jana went to a stock dog clinic , the hosts served this. She loved it, as did all the attendees. They disappeared in a Flash! While there are many recipes online, the one the host used is from a book titled “Nourishing Traditions “ by Sally Fallon. Jana photographed the pages! 😂: old school!

BRE Kitchen: Cassoulet style Lamb shanks and beans!

Classic Cassoulet is complicated, expensive. But this recipe captures something that is reminiscent of a Cassoulet, and only takes some Lamb shanks. We love this recipe, and recommend it highly if you are looking for a hearty meal that leaves lots of leftovers that also freezes well.


(or try this recipe if you can’t t access the above): https://savorthebest.com/lamb-shank-cassoulet/


From the bre kitchen: IP lamb ribs


my sons 24th birthday. Did he want venison tenderloin or sheep ribs? He chose the latter! Don’t blame him actually. Venison is “rare” ( hasn’t been in recent years, ) but compared to the taste of sheep? No comparison! Wasnt sure how this oriental style prep would work with sheep ribs, but we loved it!

next time we might lower the cooking time to 20 or 15 min…